Radical reinvention : Disrupting the next decade of beauty

28/05/2021 Aura

Beauty is an ever-changing industry. Yet some changes make more of an impact than others. The more society changes, the more these changes cascade into the Beauty market. During the last MAD Cosmetics Innovations conference, organised by Premium Beauty News in Paris, Leila Rochet, Founder of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, offered a keynote on how radical changes will be infusing the future of the beauty industry. At the eve of the new decade, we are entering an era of Radical Reinvention that will influence the future of our industry , explained Leila.

As we enter a new decade, key contemporary shifts are impacting consumer behavior. We have entered an era where savvy consumers wish to be treated as individuals, where transparency is key, and where trust is the new currency. In this context, and even more in the light of the recent sanitary events, we will be witnessing major shifts affecting our Beauty industry and its future.

Lipstick, is a cosmetic applied primarily to the lips to add color or change the color of the lips.Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetics in color makeup.The main ingredients are wax, oil and food coloring.The first lipstick was a paste, similar to today’s lip gloss, and the bullet lipstick was invented during the First World War.

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