New beauty products bring you the feeling of spring

19/06/2021 Aura

The plan to go out for a spring outing has to be delayed, but the new beauty products for spring will not be late to show you the latest and most beautiful beauty products. Don’t forget to look beautiful in advance to feel the warm spring, and get ready for the upcoming outing.

Popular bullet lip balm, hwan on the fog surface cherry blossom metal shell, the cherry blossom in the lip interpretation of spring two pink and tender charm for choice, a sweet upper lip, just like the petals fall between the lips, blooming infinite spring tenderness.

Before makeup, it is the bottom of the double lip, protect the lip and moisturize, eliminate the lip grain, let the double lip present the perfect state that is like the petal tender and delicate, limit the romantic pink gold package, sweet and double.

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