Makeup legend: The fascinating history of the makeup bag

12/07/2021 Aura

Why should the oldest rouge start from rouge?Because red cheeks are seen in many cultures as a sign of health and youth, they are also associated with passion and desire.

The first rouges were red ochre sticks mixed with iron oxide and animal fat or vegetable oil. The shape and size of these paint sticks were similar to the thicker eyeshadow sticks of many brands today. When rouges were sold in drugstores in the 19th century, they were handmade and made from a variety of ingredients, resulting in a variety of colors and textures.

This, of course, was invented by the most beautiful of the ancient Egyptians and it is said that the Egyptians used round ochre to paint their cheeks and lips.

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks used juice to smear their cheeks. This was the first liquid blush, right?They also use the root of Eucalyptus chinensis as a stick of blush. It seems that the blush stick that has been popular in recent years has been used by the ancients.

Compared to the natural health of the ancient Greeks, the Roman aristocracy used something similar to what we have in the East. Cinnabar powder is very nice and beautiful red, but it’s very poisonous.

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