They sell lipstick and eye shadow for $100

08/07/2021 Aura

As Zara closes stores and launches new lines of its own, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it wants to return to the lost territory of clothing with beauty.

ZARA will officially launch its Beauty brand ZARA Beauty, compared with the small drama of launching eye shadow plate, mouth red and other single products before. ZARA not only determines the brand for the Beauty line this time, but also sets up a separate internal business department, which is parallel with the women’s line, which shows the pace of making Beauty makeup seriously.

On its overseas website, you can already see detailed beauty lines, ranging from lipstick, eye shadow, beauty brush, nail polish, and so on, with prices ranging from $7.90 to $25.90. So Zara is keeping its beauty line cheap.

The same goes for the makeup, the same goes for the clothes.Cost performance has always been ZARA’s product advantage and its layout in the channel end can also bring some extra points for the beauty line. Wu Zhigang, who has been a marketing consultant for many beauty brands, accepts e-commerce onlineIn the interview, it was mentioned that the target population of ZARA in the field of clothing will also be the target population of beauty makeup, and ZARA’s long-term management and undertaking ability of supply chain can also be used for beauty makeup.

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