How about tf extinct admiration perfume(1)

11/09/2021 Aura

Extinct Admiration Fuyu Huanqin, derived from the Juyao Orange series, the fragrance is bold, unique and uplifting. This fragrance is a novel interpretation of the classic cologne, blending with the fragrant floral fragrance, outlines a rich layering, and releases an intoxicating fragrance.

tf绝迹倾慕香水怎么样,tom ford绝迹倾慕香水好闻吗

Among them, it is even more intertwined with the deep woody aroma of the Italian coast and the leather aroma, which can be called another model of the brilliant orange series.

tf绝迹倾慕香水怎么样,tom ford绝迹倾慕香水好闻吗 第2张

The sweet citrus fruit scent opens up the pleasant top note, followed by the refreshing and pleasant bergamot and blood orange fragrance, slowly escaping in the elegant and graceful lavender fragrance, reminiscent of the Italian town of Portofino A porch surrounded by lush trees and columns; the green coast in the mist is also in front of your eyes, and the lush green white rosin and basil on the shore cover each other.

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