Saint Laurent lipstick best-selling color number ranking(3)

07/09/2021 Aura

  1. YSL Saint Laurent bright and pure charm lipstick 08
    Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent bright pure charm lipstick with a moisturizing texture and rich color, makes the lips plump, moist and smooth, showing gorgeous and dazzling attractive lips. #08 Innocent Dream Presents a romantic nude pink, exuding a natural and soft femininity, suitable for daily use. The iconic golden shell exudes luxurious fashion.
18年ysl口红最火色号 圣罗兰口红最畅销色号排名 第5张

6, YSL Saint Laurent pure lipstick 74
This square tube No. 74 lipstick is a very vigorous color. It is especially recommended for young girls. It is super tender when applied to the mouth, and the texture is also very delicate. It will not get stuck on lip lines.

18年ysl口红最火色号 圣罗兰口红最畅销色号排名 第6张

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