Saint Laurent lipstick best-selling color number ranking(5)

07/09/2021 Aura

9, YSL Saint Laurent bright pure charm lipstick 58
58 is a very warm orange-red color, which is particularly friendly to yellow skin. The skin tone will appear natural and not particularly obtrusive. There is no problem in normal use of plain makeup.

18年ysl口红最火色号 圣罗兰口红最畅销色号排名 第9张
  1. YSL Saint Laurent bright pure charm lipstick 60
    60 is a relatively natural pink-orange color. Any makeup look can be matched during makeup. It will not appear very abrupt, and the overall saturation and color rendering effect is also very good.
18年ysl口红最火色号 圣罗兰口红最畅销色号排名 第10张

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