Is Barbie Brown a luxury(1)

21/10/2021 Aura

What grade is Barbie Brown
Barbie Brown belongs to high-end cosmetics.
Barbie Brown is a makeup brand under the Estee Lauder Group.
In 1991, at BergdorfGoodman, a high-end department store in New York, Bobbi Brown launched her first series of 10 lipsticks.

芭比波朗什么档次 芭比波朗是奢侈品吗

These ten classic lipsticks make it easy for every woman to find her favorite color. On the first day of listing, 100 units were sold wildly! Originally, I only planned to sell 100 pieces a month, but I didn’t expect to sell 100 pieces on the first day! Everyone who tried it fell in love with this lipstick that can easily create beautiful lips without a mirror.

芭比波朗什么档次 芭比波朗是奢侈品吗 第2张

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