Is Barbie Brown a luxury(2)

21/10/2021 Aura

When Bobbi Brown aspired to become a professional makeup artist, he probably never thought that Bobbi Brown’s name would be the same as Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Shu Uemura and other brand-name cosmetics. It will dominate the department store and become the admiration of many fashionable ladies. Favorite cosmetic brand.

芭比波朗什么档次 芭比波朗是奢侈品吗 第3张

Barbie Bolang is not a luxury brand.
Top brand: La Mer (Hair Blue Mystery)—–Hong Kong and Taiwan translates as “Ocean Blue” First-line brand (top brand): Estee Lauder [At present, Estee Lauder Group has officially classified Estee Lauder as the same line as Hai Lan Mystery brand!)

芭比波朗粉底液好用嗎 芭比波朗色號有哪些

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