Is Barbie Brown a luxury(3)

21/10/2021 Aura

Second-tier brand: Clinique (Clinique)) [Top brand words have appeared on its Chinese website]
Third-tier brands: Stila, Origins, Prescriptives, Aveda and Jo Malone
Top limited make-up brand: Tom Ford (Tom Ford)

芭比波朗粉底液好用嗎 芭比波朗色號有哪些 第2張

Makeup brand: Bobbi Brown (Barbie Bolang), M.A.C (Magic)
Perfume brands: Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Aramis
Open brand: BeautyBank (currently only sold in Kohl’s department store in the United States, a total of 4 lines including Flirt!, American Beauty, Good Skin and Grassroots have been launched.

芭比波朗妝前隔離乳怎麼樣 芭比波朗妝前隔離乳好用嗎

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