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21/10/2021 Aura

Bobbi Brown Isolation Sunscreen SPF15 50ml
This sunscreen isolation lotion is light in texture, moisturizing and providing SPF15 sun protection, effectively resisting the damage of ultraviolet rays and the external environment to the skin. It has three effects of moisturizing, isolation, and primer before makeup.

芭比波朗妝前隔離乳怎麼樣 芭比波朗妝前隔離乳好用嗎 第2張

Enriched with Vitamin E, it is effective against oxidation and free radical damage. Chamomile extract can effectively soothe the skin, which is gentle and safe. The oil-free formula is light and easy to absorb, smooths and softens the skin, and prepares for a uniform and long-lasting perfect makeup. It is a must-have before makeup. Tested by panelists.

什麼牌子粉底液好用國外粉底液排行榜- 星女圈

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