Lancome is a first-line brand

08/10/2021 Aura

Relying on his genius and sensitive smell of perfume, his persistent spirit of adventure, and his ambition to let French brands have a place in the global cosmetics market that was monopolized by American brands at that time, Lancome wrote a beautiful page in the history of world cosmetics. A rose from a French castle, with its temperament, has bloomed for sixty years in the unpredictable female psychology and the unpredictable fashion rules.

兰蔻菁纯粉底液好用吗 兰蔻菁纯粉底液价格多少钱

Lancome is a French brand
Lancome (Lancome) and HR (Helena) are the first-line brands of L’Oreal together.
Lancome of France is the choice of many domestic entrepreneurs and has repeatedly won the title of Top Ten Franchise Brands. Due to the strong support from the headquarters to franchisees, it has always provided comprehensive services to franchisees with the concept of mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

兰蔻菁纯粉底液好用吗 兰蔻菁纯粉底液价格多少钱 第2张

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