What is Sephora’s new makeup?(2)

28/10/2021 Aura

Although the price of Sephora cosmetics is high, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is the same as the counter, and sometimes there are discounts, which is still very cost-effective. Sephora’s cosmetics are all high-end brands, and the requirements for all aspects of the products are relatively high. Therefore, Sephora’s cosmetics are very easy to use, suitable for all skin types and ages, and can enjoy one-stop shopping


Sephora cosmetics work well. Sephora is an internationally renowned skin care brand, and the safety and effectiveness of Sephora have been best guaranteed. Because in terms of safety, Sephora strictly monitors the selection of raw materials, product development, and manufacturer selection. Sephora’s cosmetics attach great importance to the concept of natural skin care. Therefore, when developing skin care product formulations, they will use as many Chinese herbal formulas as plants as possible to give the skin the best care possible.

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