What is Sephora’s new makeup?(3)

28/10/2021 Aura

Caudalie Grape Water Active Spray
Extracted from natural organic grapes, 100% pure natural organic grape water, extracted by a new type of “low pressure, low temperature” distillation method. This extraction method is more natural and environmentally friendly, consumes less energy, and can retain a large amount of active ingredients in natural organic grape water.

大麻萃取化妆品暗藏风险,丝芙兰率先出台合规标准|界面新闻· 时尚

Achieve moisturizing, soothing, one step, it has the effect of hydrating and calming the skin. It can be used as a toner after cleansing, or used at any time during the day to bring moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing feelings to the skin, so as to relieve fatigued skin.


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