What is Sephora’s new makeup?(4)

28/10/2021 Aura

PETERTHOMASROTH Petrov Cucumber Gel Mask
Cucumber gel mask, a mask that can deeply moisturize. With a variety of herbal extracts, it can deeply moisturize, calm the skin after sun exposure, and instantly soothe sun-damaged skin. Chamomile and aloe provide soothing moisturizing ingredients to prevent skin dehydration, including sensitive and fragile skin; natural enzymes help soften the skin and effectively improve the skin Transparency makes the skin softer.


GIVENCHY Givenchy Illuminating Liquid Foundation
Givenchy Brightening Liquid Foundation, a multi-effect makeup primer that makes the skin more vigorous, rejuvenates the skin, corrects blemishes, and evenly brightens the skin tone in one step. Thoroughly awaken the skin, promote cell metabolism, make the skin more vigorous, correct blemishes, and even out skin tone.


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