What is Sephora’s new makeup?(5)

28/10/2021 Aura

What grade does Sephora belong to?
Sephora’s own positioning is a luxury and high-end skin care brand. Sephora focuses on comprehensive development, so Sephora’s product areas cover a wide range. When we usually go to Sephora, we can see that there are lipsticks, lotions, creams, perfumes, nail polishes, etc., all of which are very well-known cosmetics brands, including major domestic and foreign brands.

丝芙兰化妆品加盟】丝芙兰化妆品加盟条件_流程_加盟费多少钱- 58加盟网

Sephora Cosmetics adopts new cosmetic management concepts and models, emphasizing standardized management, operation and production, and is a true modern cosmetics company. The stores under the brand have complete products and high-quality services, and all personnel will be trained by the headquarters to provide exclusive services for consumption.


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